Employer Agreement

Last revised on October 21, 2016

Recitals and Explanations

1. This Agreement is to be used when the Singaporean business MIT.JOBS Pte. Ltd. and its website, platform and online service provides solution service to talent recruitment.
2. All explanation and definition of the terms under this Agreement are the same as those in the “User Agreement”, “Privacy Policy” and all relevant documents of Meet.jobs.
3. Client must have the contact person responsible for recruitment registered as a member of the Meet.jobs service to further register a business account.
4. Save and except for the agreements separately reached by the Client and Meet.jobs in writing, all information will be recognized as that recorded on the Meet.jobs website, system and extended service.
5. Meet.jobs provides three different recruitment plans, which are “Hire Plan,” “Hire+ Plan,” and “Post Plan.”
6. The same Client may only adopt a plan at a time. The chosen plan of a specific time period will be the one shown on the record of Meet.jobs service system.
7. This Agreement is divided into four parts, where each plan will be explained separately and the mutual part of the three plans.
8. The above three plans all have the information open and transparent. When the Client publish an opening through the service of Meet.jobs, the bottom line is that the salary range or lower limit of the salary needs to be published.
Note: “Trust” is a core value which Meet.jobs believes and “transparent information” could allow the talents to sufficiently trust the employer. When the employer provides information as transparent, complete, and accurate, it will be able to recruit a suitable employee more efficiently through Meet.jobs.

Part I: Hire Plan

9. Hire Plan is the standard service provided by Meet.jobs, if services other than the below items are needed, such as customized agreement, extension of warranty period, change to recruiting advertisement, please choose “Hire+ Plan.”
10. Hire Plan Stipulations
10.1. Hire Plan of Meet.jobs is charged based on results. After the Client successfully recruits the candidate, it will pay Meet.jobs of the expenses and the amount will be 8% of the annual salary for the first year of the position.
10.2. The Client needs to pay the fees within thirty (30) calendar days after the offeree starts working.
10.3. Meet.jobs guarantees that the offeree will be on the job for at least 90 calendar days.
10.4. If the offeree resigns within the first 90 calendar days, then within 90 calendar days from the resignation day, Meet.jobs needs to supply with a substitute candidate.
10.5. Following the foregoing, such a substitute has a guarantee period of 90 calendar days since commencement as well. In the event the salary is different from that of the original offeree, the service fees will be adjusted accordingly.
10.6. Following the foregoing, if Meet.jobs cannot supply with a substitute candidate within the period, or the Client has offered the job to an appropriate candidate through other channels, or if such a demand no longer exists (provided that the Client has to submit a reasonable explanation to the lack of the need for such a candidate), then Meet.jobs needs to refund in full.
10.7. Specifically, if such an offeree is disemployed by the Client during the trial period due to work performance within the first 90 calendar days, it will not be within the guaranteed scope of Meet.jobs.
10.8. The Client adopting this plan does not need to pay for posting expenses.
11. Hire Plan Contents
11.1. After the Client selects Hire Plan on the system of Meet.jobs, a professional consultant of Meet.jobs will contact the Client to provide with assistance.
11.2. The Client needs to post the recruiting job information to the Meet.jobs website and all extended web platform and guarantee the information provided is correct and without mistakes. If the information provided by the Client is incorrect and causes damages to Meet.jobs, the Client shall be liable to Meet.jobs for the damages; in the event applicants suffer damages incurred therefrom, the Client shall be liable and Meet.jobs will not be involved.
11.3. Meet.jobs will, based on its professional judgment and depending on the recruiting needs of the Client, provide target marketing, text or video interview, online or offline promotion, community referral to assist the Client in recruiting.
11.4. Meet.jobs will share and promote the Client’s business and job openings information on social networks, including, without limitation, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and WeChat, as well as other website or network specially required by the Client.
11.5. The Client may, based on advice from professional consultant of Meet.jobs, provide information necessary and relating to the recruitment, including, without limitation, videos, pictures, recordings, text messages, and interviews and/or resumes of current employees, hiring manager or business founder.
11.6. The materials mentioned under the preceding section do not include information and materials that need to be kept confidential due to the Client’s business concerns. Including the Client’s company name, Meet.jobs needs to obtain the employer’s permit in any recordable form to publish such information. If it is published without permit, the Client is entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement. In the event the Client suffers any damages therefrom, Meet.jobs will be liable for all damages and legal responsibilities.
11.7. In the event any additional expenses derive from the recruitment plan provided by Meet.jobs, then after obtaining the Client’s consent shown in any recordable form, the parties will agree upon the party bearing such expenses and then separately agree upon the details of payment, certificates, and reimbursement.
12. Offer Recognition
12.1. Offer on Meet.jobs service may be recognized in the following three ways:
A. Client confirmation: Client may directly confirm the offer on Meet.jobs system or inform it in any recordable form.
B. Client confirmation after the applicant reports: Once offered the job, the applicant may report the offer on the Meet.jobs system, and Meet.jobs system will automatically confirm with the Client about the offer. The client may confirm the offer on the Meet.jobs system or inform it in any recordable form.
C. Client confirmation after the referrer reports: If the applicant has a referrer, the referrer may report the offer on the Meet.jobs system, and the Meet.jobs system will automatically confirm with the Client about the offer. The Client may confirm the offer on Meet.jobs system or inform it in any recordable form.
12.2. In the event applicant and referrer report the offer under the preceding section, if confirmed as “not hired,” the Client needs to reply the same on the Meet.jobs system within 72 hours, or inform Meet.jobs in any recordable form, failing which Meet jobs will reserve the right to payment.
12.3. If the applicant is not hired for the Client’s job, the Client needs to “refuse” its application on the Meet.jobs system. In the event there is any applicant not refused, it will be deemed as in the application status. As such, however long the time has passed, once hired, Meet.jobs is still entitled to the relevant payment.
12.4. If the applicant is in the status of application, then once offered with the Client’s opening, whether or not it is offered with the position originally applied for, Meet.jobs will be entitled to the payment. Namely, if the Client does not intend to hire such an applicant, it must “refuse” the applicant on Meet.jobs, and please refrain from committing any conduct damaging the Client’s goodwill and trust such as “silent refusal”.
12.5. Applicants who apply through the Meet.jobs system, and any candidate referred by Meet.jobs in any recordable form, once hired, Meet.jobs is entitled to charge the Client therefor. In addition, this is irrelevant to whether or not the employer learned about this candidate through other channels, and Meet.jobs is still entitled to the Client’s payment.
12.6. If the Client considers that the hired applicant was not hired through the service of Meet.jobs, it needs to obtain the applicant’s confirmation of the same and statement of forfeiting the Hiring Bonus in any recordable form. If that applicant has a referrer, it also needs to obtain the referrer’s confirmation of the same and statement forfeiting the Referral Reward in any recordable form as evidence. In this situation, Meet.jobs will not charge service fees.
13. Actual Salary Recognition
13.1. Once confirmed hired, the Client needs to provide the salary information, such as employment agreement, offer letter or payment slip as evidence as the basis for Meet.jobs to charge. If such information is provided by the applicant or referrer, it needs to obtain the Client’s confirmation thereof in any recordable form.
13.2. The service fees will be calculated in the following way: if the salary of the position is calculated annually, then it will be the 8% of such amount; if monthly, then such an amount will multiple with the guarantee months (for instance, 14 months) and then the 8% thereof will be the service fees.
13.3. Meet.jobs is obliged to keep the foregoing salary information confidential, and such information may only be used as the evidence of charging service fees. In the event the information is disseminated, causing the Client’s damages, Meet.jobs needs to be liable therefor.
14. Payment Methods
14.1. Once the Client confirms the offer on the Meet.jobs system and inform it of the salary information, Meet.jobs will provide an invoice and the document required for payment (such as receipt). The client needs to complete the payment within 30 calendar days after receipt of the invoice.
14.2. Meet.jobs now accepts two payment methods of “credit cards” and “remittance,” among which the Client may choose therefrom and the same will be shown on the Meet.jobs system.
14.3. If the Client chooses credit card, then it will only need to register the credit card information on the Meet.jobs system. Meet.jobs will issue invoice according to the offer confirmation and charge on the monthly settlement day (the 5th day of each month). Credit card is the best payment method recommended by Meet.jobs.
14.4. If the Client chooses to remit the amount, then Meet.jobs will provide bank account for the Client to remit the payment.
14.5. Meet.jobs is responsible for informing the Client with the most convenient and cost-efficient payment methods. However, the Hire Plan of Meet.jobs is charged at “8% of the annual salary.” In the event there is any derivative expenses, such as charges, remittance fees, and all relevant taxes, it will be borne by the Client.
15. Ethics Statement
15.1. The success of talent recruitment often determines the success of a business. A business could successfully recruit excellent talent based on the mutual trust among the business, talents and service provider. As such, if an applicant or its referrer requests the Client to provide any extra compensation, bonus or benefits in other forms under the condition of “not reporting the offer to Meet.jobs,” Meet.jobs strongly advise the Client not to hire such an applicant. In the event such applicant or referrer is reported to Meet.jobs, Meet.jobs will be responsible for the investigation thereof, and once confirmed to be true, such an applicant or referrer will be listed as “excluded,” and be informed to all of Meet.jobs’ business clients.
15.2. If the Client actively offers benefit to applicant or referrer in any form under the condition of “not reporting the offer to Meet.jobs,” the applicant or referrer is also entitled to report such a business. Once confirmed to be true, considering such a conduct is in violation of integrity of the recruitment, Meet.jobs will announce the Client’s name on the website and list it as “not recommended.”
15.3. If the Client cannot complete the payment within 30 calendar days after receipt of invoice, it needs to obtain Meet.jobs consent in recordable form and the parties will agree on a payment day. If the Client intends to delay or does not pay in time without Meet.jobs’ consent, Meet.jobs will announce the business name on the website and list it as “not recommended.”
15.4. If the information of the opening provided by the Client is inconsistent with the condition of the final offer, especially where the offered salary is lower than the lowest salary in the recruiting salary range, the Business needs to proactively submit an explanation in writing or other recordable form within 72 hours and obtain the applicant’s and the referrer’s consent statement as evidence. If the applicant’s and the referrer’s consent is not obtained and the same happens for more than three times, Meet.jobs will announce the Client’s name on the website and list it as “not recommended.”

Part II Hire+ Plan

16. Hire+ Plan is a service plan set up for the Client’s special needs. Below is a list of difference between it and the Hire Plan for the Client to determine and choose from.
16.1. If the Client chooses Hire+ Plan, then it may sign a separate customized service agreement and the content of the agreement will be determined based on the service needed, such as talent strategy consultation, optimization of recruiting advertisement, and extension of guarantee period.
16.2. The fees will be at least 16% of the annual salary of the position without an upper limit. The actual percentage will depend on the content of the special service.
16.3. Hire+ Plan guarantees that the offeree will be on the position for at least 180 calendar days.
16.4. Following the foregoing, the charging scheme of Hire+ Plan is, the Client completes the payment of 8% of the annual salary of such a position 30 calendars prior to the offeree reports to work. The payment of the remaining balance will be made according to the separate agreement between the Client and Meet.jobs.
16.5. Following the foregoing, if such an offeree resigns after it assumes work for 90 calendar days, then Meet.jobs will not refund the 8% already paid. The refund of the remaining balance will be separately agreed upon by the Client and Meet.jobs.
17. Save and except for the foregoing content, all service details of Hire+ Plan is the same as Hire Plan, and may refer to the terms of the first part.
18. In the event the Client has already chosen other plans, and wishes to upgrade to Hire+ Plan, it only needs to select Hire+ Plan on Meet.jobs system, or inform Meet.jobs in recordable form. After confirming the Client’s needs to upgrade the plan, Meet.jobs will have a professional consultant contacting the Client to provide assistance.

Part III Post Plan

19. Post Plan Function, Stipulation and Fees
19.1. Post Plan of Meet.jobs only provides functions of posting openings and managing applications on the website and its extended platforms and wait for applicants to apply therefor. Comparing to the Hire Plan that will assist the Client to proactively recruit talents, the Post Plan is relatively passive.
19.2. Post Plan is charged based on the “usage.” The fee is USD 1 per opening and per day and the fee will be billed each month, where the Client shall pay the fee of the previous month on the 5th day of the following month. In the event no opening is posted or the opening is closed, there will be no fees deriving therefrom.
19.3. Post Plan fees may only be paid with credit cards.
19.4. Clients using Post Plan may directly upgrade to Hire Plan or Hire+ Plan on Meet.jobs system. If the Client wishes to change from Hire Plan or Hire+ Plan to Post Plan, it needs to inform Meet.jobs of the same in writing or other recordable form, and the system administrator will assist in the change.

Part IV Mutual Part

20. Confidentiality of Personal Information
For applicants answering the post through or referred by Meet.jobs, all of their information including resume, portfolio, technical test results will only be provided to the Client to assess whether the applicant is hired or not and the Client may not use the same otherwise. In the event any damages are caused to the applicant, the Client will be liable to the applicant therefor and Meet.jobs is not involved.
21. Execution
Meet.jobs provides the following methods for the Client to sign this Agreement and the Client only needs to adopt one.
A. Directly select agree to the agreement on Meet.jobs system. This is recommended by Meet.jobs to be legally binding and the most efficient.
B. Adopt a third-party electronic signing system acknowledged by Meet.jobs, and upload the same to Meet.jobs system after execution.
C. Download the agreement already executed by Meet.jobs and printed by the Client, and scan and upload the executed version to Meet.jobs system.
D. Select sending hardcopy on Meet.jobs system and fill in the receipt address. Meet.jobs will send the executed hard copies in two counterparts after receipt of the request. After the Client executes the same, scan and upload it to Meet.jobs system, and send a hard copy back to Meet.jobs for reference.
22. Amendment and Termination
22.1. Whichever plan chosen, as long as there is no posting for openings or the opening is closed, the Client does not need to bear any fees thereof. As such, under most circumstances, this Agreement does not need to be terminated.
22.2. If needed, Meet.jobs and the Client both has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement. If a party desires to terminate the Agreement, it has to inform the other party within a month prior to the expiration date. The parties may terminate the Agreement after performing all obligations under this Agreement.
22.3. All obligations under the preceding section include all payment, provision of information and information closure.
22.4. In the event of force majeure events, if either party cannot perform the agreement due to disasters, political events, religion, racial and other conflicts, the party is not legally liable to the other party.
22.5. Save and except that the Hire+ Plan that may have customized plan, if Meet.jobs has any revision to the Agreement, it will inform the Client through the system and recordable form. In the event the Client disagrees with the revised content, under the general circumstances, it only needs to cease to use Meet.jobs services.
23. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
23.1. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, You and Meet.jobs agree that any dispute arising from this Agreement and/or “services,” will be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and shall be submitted to Taiwan Taipei District Court for the first instance.
23.2. If the Agreement has any parts or terms that cannot be performed, the parties both agree that the terms of the Agreement shall be revised in a way feasible and consistent with the original ends. If the revision is impossible, the parties agree to remove those parts incapable of being performed, and perform the rest of the term in the Agreement.
23.3. Within the extent permissible by laws, both the English version and the Traditional Chinese version are legally binding and other translations are only for the convenience of understanding. In the event there is any discrepancy in the clauses and terms between the different versions, then the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail. This Agreement is the final and complete consent of the parties and replaces any oral or written promises, understanding or other expresses submitted during the negotiation. The title of terms of this Agreement is only for reference, the parties agree that the title may not be used as the basis of interpretation.
23.4. If Meet.jobs does not take legal actions for breaches, it does not mean that Meet.jobs waive the right to perform this Agreement. Client may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or membership or use of service) without the consent of Meet.jobs. However, the Client agrees that Meet.jobs may assign this Agreement to relevant institutes or institutes purchases Meet.jobs.
23.5. You agree that the address specified in Article 24 will be the only way to provide Meet.jobs a legal notice.
24. Contact
Online: Reply robot, message board or email us at service@meet.jobs.
Mail Delivery: 8 Claymore Hill #03-01 Singapore 229572 or 2nd Floor, No. 2, Lane 59, Yitong Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei 10486, Taiwan