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Create employer account is a social headhunting platform focused on international and professional jobs,We provide high-quality and efficient recruitment service with competitive price.

Interview rate: ~40%

Hiring rate: ~10%

Job listing to employment: 2~6 weeks Service Plan


US$ 30

Each job post per month

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Advantages & Features

International & Professional Focused

Best talent from the world! Build your team with cultural diversity and international competitive advantage!

Information Transparency

All jobs on have full payroll information, and you are welcome to provide more details about your company. Recruiting is marketing. Employer brand attracts people have same belief of corporate culture and value.

Competitive Service Plan and Pricing

Traditional headhunter service charge about 20% of the annual salary. Hire Plan takes only 8% of the annual salary, and we provide a 90-day guarantee of your candidate.

Talent Matching Technology (Hire)

Not like traditional headhunters who may hide best talents to get higher commissions, system show you all candidates with assessment result of interview matching. The matching technology contains data science, natural language processing and machine learning algorithm, calibrated by judgements of real person interview.

Social Referral via Community (Hire Plan)

Sourcing candidate by “Peer Review”.Recruiting is marketing. Employer brand attracts people have same belief of corporate culture and value.

Marketing Campaign (Hire) helps promote employer and job information to the right professional social groups, Generate content of literature column interview, video or live stream, Conduct offline event such as Speed Interview or panel discussion of job and life sharing.

Recruitment Consulting Service (Hire+)

All' consultants have abundant international and professional career experience. mit.Jobs provide suggestions to your jobs content advertisement, salary & compensation package and etc.


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