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Unicore Pacific Asia, “Unicore” is a Real Estate Consultancy that provides core strategic advisory and management of real estate marketing and sales.

We are different. We are not just a sales team. We are all managers…. we manage expectations.



Our Company Principal comes from a strong background of real estate development, construction and

fund management.

We understands the developer’s risks, constraints, and most important the objectives.


Our Core Team comprises of veteran real estate agents who have held senior and key management

positions in market incumbent real estate agencies. We manage the business of selling real estate.

         In an environment where mass market sales may thrive, we do better by structuring various non-­‐ traditional avenues to boost sales. Our shareholders own various support companies that can offer the following:-­‐

  • Waiver of Buyer 10-­‐year Visa Application Fees (Malaysia MM2H)
  • Free advisory and discount on Singapore Employment Pass / Permanent Residence application
  • Competitive legal fee for SPA and Loan Agreement
  • Personal / Business Relocation Services
  • Overseas money transfer facility
  • Underwriting / Bulk Purchase of units through High Net Worth Individuals / Private Equity


In the tough and ever changing environment of real estate development, we encourage to rediscover traditional marketing and sales avenue through a structured solution that will provide buyers with a true sense of value.

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