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BitoEX has successfully blazed a trail in financial services by collaborating with more than 12,000 convenience stores across Taiwan. The achievement was unprecedented as BitoEX’s trading business via convenience stores became the first to be approved by Central Bank of Taiwan.

Furthermore, BitoEX is the first ever company which is able to issue an invoice for every Bitcoin purchased at convenience stores. The trend of sales indicates that people trade Bitcoin via convenience stores has grown more than 20% monthly and still continue to rise rapidly today.

Taiwan’s No. 1 Bitcoin Wallet Provider

BitoEX has been ranked the number one brand in the Bitcoin wallet market in Taiwan. BitoEX is looking ahead to diversify business in inventing new pricing systems and facilities for commercial markets.

International Digital Asset Platform -BitoPro 

BitoPro International Digital Asset Platform was launched in March 2018, providing crypto-to-crypto, crypto to fiat trading services. With plans to establish operation centers in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan in order to reduce barriers to trading and investment risks.


Noticeably, BitoEX targets to develop a significant foothold and invent the premium e-business in Asia. BitoEX will continue to pursue strong growth in Greater China, Japan and Southeast Asia market.


Job openings

QA Engineer

40K - 80K TWD Monthly

  • Featured

Frontend Developer

50K - 80K TWD Monthly

  • Featured
  • JavaScript
  • ,
  • CSS
  • ,
  • WEB
  • ,
  • HTML5

Senior Mobile App Developer

80K - 120K TWD Monthly

  • Featured
  • React native
  • ,
  • Swift/Objective C/iOS/Xcode
  • ,
  • Android

UX Designer

40K - 70K TWD Monthly

  • Featured
  • Sketch
  • ,
  • Zeplin
  • ,
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • ,
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • ,

Marketing | PR Executive

35K - 70K TWD Monthly

  • Featured