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Empowering companies to do business safely.

Handshakes is an award-winning corporate intelligence solutions provider. We specialise in leveraging data analytics & AI technology, to give organisations greater visibility over risks.

Widely used by regulators, our solutions also empower companies to monitor stakeholders and perform procurement checks more effectively.

Our people are honourable, high performing, and happy.  

- Honourable because we believe in upholding integrity and respecting diversity.  

- High performing because we expect each other to go the extra mile in solving challenging problems.  

- Happy because we share things generously and support each other.


At Handshakes, a career with us goes beyond being at the forefront of technology, it is a journey of personal development to broaden one’s horizons. 


We work hard, we also play hard. From positions in engineering to marketing and sales, a day in Handshakes is never the same.

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