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60k - 100k TWD Monthly

Required skills
  • Python
  • ,
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • ,
  • SDK
  • ,
  • IoT

Job description

We invite top-notch people with a passion for robotics to join us in this technical

adventure. As a well-capitalized start-up we have demonstrated our prototype robot

at CES 2018, and have additional key members and breakthrough technological

approaches to ensure success in this challenging field.

You will help to design, developing and testing the complex Aeolus Robot IoT front-

end dashboards used by multiple user levels and the back-end that talks to the

Amazon AWS IoT infrastructure. From the final user, up to the R&D developer the

Fleet Management System is the default go-to interface to interact with the robot

for daily usage, debugging, performing technical maintenance and manufacturing.

You will:

- Develop the application's foundation for managing a fleet of thousands of robots into

multi customers sites.

- Write front-ends (mobile apps and web dashboards) integrated to the fleet management system.

- Write back-end AWS and AWS IoT integrations.

- Interact directly with Roboticists, R&D engineers, Test Engineers, Marketing and

- Users in order to understand needs and improve the front-end code.


1-Strong full-stack skills for both web and mobile, likely frameworks on top of JavaScript, Python and HTML5.

2- Experience in writing clean, well-organized code with appropriate abstraction boundaries.

3- Experience integrating standard cloud frameworks and SDKs.

4- Exposure to IoT products deployed in high volume is a strong differential.

5- Strong communication skills and ability to work with academic partners.

6- Attention to detail and a passion for correct.'


1. 年終獎金與員工認股權計畫
2. 勞健保、勞退、員工團保
3. 晚上加班供餐
4. 年終同樂晚會
5. 彈性工作時間
6. Robot Friday(機器人學習日)提供免費午餐

7. 14-month salary guaranteed/annum

Aeolus Robotics


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