Full Stack Engineer / 全端工程師 - FooSpace Co.|Meet.jobs


60k - 100k TWD Monthly

Required skills
  • javascript
  • ,
  • android
  • ,
  • machine learning
  • ,
  • startup

Job description

|NT$60 - 100k |0.0 - 5.0% equity|Taipei City|
We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with an expertise in backend development and data processing to join the FooSpace startup team.  


| WHO WE ARE |  

自由食間致力於發展新零售無人商店我們正在建構更聰明、更便利、且更懂你的無人零售通路。透過物聯網及人工智慧,我們要在對的時間地點裡提供對的商品給對的人;整合無人零售與全通路體驗,省去無謂的等待並提供最完善的服務。我們總是追求進步與改變,所以努力讓每一次的消費都能有最完美的體驗 。

We builds a automated retail system with an exclusive shopping experience. With our technologies, much of the purchase, checkout, and payment steps associated with a retail transaction are completely automated. In the meantime, we focus on providing the right goods to the right people based on the behavioral data collected by our innovative system. Our vision is to provide the world's most pleasant shopping experience.


  • Work with functional teams to create a revolutionary smart retail system
  • Determine the software architecture and make high-level design choices
  • Play an active role in translating business and functional requirements into concrete deliverables
  • Invent new features, design, develop and deploy highly scalable and reliable distributed services
  • Be closely involved in all major company decisions


  • 4年以上 Javascript、Node JS 開發經驗
  • Android 開發經驗(Native、Java based,非React Native、Xamarin等)
  • NDK 開發相關經驗
  • 熟悉 React JS + redux + saga 框架
  • 熟悉 Git flow 
  • 熟悉 Firebase 等 serverless 服務
  • 自動化 CI/CD 相關經驗
  • Able to communicate and co-work effectively with stakeholders
  • Desire to work with intelligent individuals in a fast-paced startup environment

| WHY US |

  • 一週 4+天免費午晚餐(Free lunch & dinner)
  • 24H零食飲料餵食(Unlimited snacks & beverage)
  • Happy Friday啤酒日(Happy friday, beer day!)
  • 有點不想回家的工作環境(chilled office enviroment)
  • 每月2天WFH選擇(Monthly WFH policy)
  • 彈性工時、彈性地點(Flexible hours & location)
  • 員工認股選擇權(Stock option)

FooSpace Co.

「自由食間」致力於發展無人零售通路,用創新科技為零售市場帶來下一個顛覆 。

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