Software Engineer (2-6 yrs) - OMNI|


8k - 10k SGD Monthly

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    Manage and automate your HR, IT and admin processes in a single platform
    **About us** We are a VC-backed, well-funded SaaS startup in Singapore, currently operating in stealth mode. We are tackling the complex world of employee management. It's incredible how employee management processes in most organizations are still so manual and complicated as of 2021. Thousands of hours are spent on processing admin tasks and reconciling employee data across spreadsheets and different systems. The world has changed; traditional employee management systems are not built for the future of work. Omni is taking on an ambitious mission to become the “operating system” of modern organizations. We are helping our customers automate administrative workflows and create the single source of truth of employee records. **What we are looking for** We are looking for Software Engineers who want to be deeply involved in the end-to-end delivery of a new software product. You will be responsible for both developing new modules from scratch and improving our existing features. You will work closely with the Founders, the Product Lead, and other engineers in building and shaping a product that users love and can rely on. To succeed in this role you will need to be a self-starter, think in solutions and not problems, be a team player, and have a “can do” attitude. You will be required to demonstrate competence in delivering features across the software stack including backend system, REST based APIs, and frontend web applications. You will also need to understand testing and know when, what, and how to test in a startup environment. This role will be challenging, but extremely rewarding -- you will gain invaluable experience in building new modules from scratch and iterating quickly in an agile environment. Our team is invested in building the best product for our customers, and we will make every effort to provide you with a setup that spawns great creativity, innovation, and reward. **Responsibilities** > Write and refactor code to iteratively deliver business value across both back-end and front-end systems, including user interfaces, APIs, databases, and other components and modules > Derive and implement non-functional requirements based on interactions with the product and business elements > Establish best practices for developing processes, technologies, coding practices and architectures > Maintain a DevOps culture and an Agile product development mindset in the technical team > Write and maintain unit tests to ensure robustness of the product > Debug and fix code based on customer incident reports and on errors found through internal testing > Assist in maintaining software infrastructure and ensure optimal availability of products / services > Assist in maintaining and upgrading the software architecture as new services are added to ensure ease of long-term development **Qualifications** > 2-6 years of experience in frontend and backend programming development > Experienced in using an Agile methodology / operating with a DevOps culture > Strong analytical mindset, attention to details, and critical thinking; entrepreneurial and solution-oriented > Strong team player with good communication and leadership skills > Experience in software architecture design and software infrastructure is a plus > Experience with high scalability SaaS systems built with microservices is a plus **Tech stack** Here’s what we currently have in our codebase together with where we intend to go (but we are also open to your feedback): > Python (Django framework, Celery task runner) > JavaScript/TypeScript (React.js) > PostgreSQL > Terraform (Digital Ocean, AWS) > Logging (ELK stack) > Observability (Prometheus/Grafana) > Gitlab CI > Docker > Kubernetes (Helm) > GitOps (Argo CD) > Infrastructure is in DO and AWS