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1m+ TWD Annually

Required skills
  • ,
  • GIT
  • ,
  • AJAX
  • ,
  • PHP
  • ,
  • ,
  • AWS
  • ,
  • HTML
  • ,
  • ,
  • jQuery
  • ,
  • CSS
  • ,

Job description

Onramp Lab is known for building brands with online-to-offline omnichannel marketing capabilities, especially in paid search, display, native, paid social, SEO, email and affiliate marketing across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Onramp professionals drive measurable value to multiple wholly owned and partnered companies through strategic guidance and subsequent execution in performance marketing, UX/CRO, and revenue optimization. Today, the Onramp Lab has organized a talented and strong Tech team to automatize success strategies and insight into software evolving into a technology-driven marketing/sales company.

We're looking for talents who's able to:
1. Oversee various work tasks performed by engineers to ensure that demands are being met and all company regulations are being followed.
2. Design workplace policies and standard practices and ensure they are being followed by team members.
3. Evaluate completed work orders to ensure that all policies and standards have been followed and that the needs are met.
4. Collaborate with stakeholders during the visioning and concept development of a product.
5. Analyze existing computer systems and making recommendations for upgrades and improvements.
6. Perform tests and troubleshooting, as well as quality assurance.
7. Collaborate with other departments and professionals in the development of IT systems.

[Basic Requirements]

1. 3-5 years' experience in Linux, Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL
2. 1+ year management experience
3. Familiar with:
* HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and application of jQuery、AJAX
* Laravel framework/Docker/Git
4. Experience in:
* Using AWS
* Unit test
* Practice in agile development
* Program restructuring and structure design for large scale project
5. Positive, responsible, and adaptable to company rules.
6. Problem solver and able to work independently
7. Good communication skills and able to communicate in English"

[Bonus & Plus]
Experience in
* Call center system development
* CRM system development
* Marketing management system development
* Integration / E2E Test
* Using Kubernetes/ Terraform / TypeScript / React / Next.js"
* Elasticsearch

Onramp Lab

Onramp Lab was founded by operators and entrepreneurs who partner with innovative companies of all sizes and stages to help them scale.

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