IT Business Applications Engineer (Atlassian) - Netskope Taiwan|


1.3m+ PHP Annually

Required skills

    Job description

    Job Overview 

    We are looking for someone with a highly technical background, customer-focused, and result driven.  This role involves working closely with IT, Security, Platform, Operations, Product and Engineering departments at Netskope.  This individual will develop strategic plans to meet business objectives, reduce security risks, ensure user satisfaction while maintaining effective operations and reliable system services company wide.

    Technical Requirements:

    • Experience with Atlassian applications such as Jira, Jira Service Manager, Confluence, BitBucket, and popular 3rd party Apps in a cloud environment.
    • Experience with customizing JIRA projects with various schemas, complex workflows, screen schemes, permission schemes, and notification schemes required.
    • Experience Atlassian best practices, eliminating duplication, rationalizing the system, and aligning teams to use best practices.
    • Scripting skills – Ability to write custom JQL (Jira Query Language), automate tasks with scripts, automation rules, write simple API scripts, experience creating loops, arrays and other scripting functions to simplify repetitive tasks.
    • Experience working in a software team’s Software Development Life Cycle, including agile methodologies. Not necessarily writing code, but experience with how software teams move through their process.
    • Deep understanding of how various teams use issue trackers, wikis, source control systems, reporting, dashboards, etc.
    • Strong troubleshooting skills and ability to use deductive reasoning to identify possible sources of a problem and then work toward a solution.
    • Awareness of and experience with various virtualization technologies and Cloud providers.
    • Ability to document and recommend technical and business process changes to improve security and efficiencies.  

    Non-technical requirements:

    • Customer focused
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Able to share your experience and knowledge and convince others based on data.
    • Ability to listen to requirements, formulate a plan forward and sell your concept to stakeholders.
    • Able to serve as a Project Lead when working in a team of multiple engineers.
    • Excellent documentation skills.

    Netskope Taiwan

    Netskope is a US-headquartered, pre-IPO security software company. It has over 2000 employees around the world and counts over 25% of the Fortune 100 companies as its customers.

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