Frontend Engineer 前端工程師 - Sudo Research Lab.|


1m - 1.8m TWD Annually

Required skills
  • javascript
  • ,
  • python

Job description

▋ Responsibilities

You will be responsible for front-end web development that is carried out according to the company's needs. 

The specific content depends on the current development needs.

Main Responsibilities : 

・Develop and maintain an internal web dashboard.
・Creating new features to improve the user experience of our platform
・Integrating and consolidating information from external and internal pages
・Data visualization and related tool development

As external resources inevitably have unexpected changes or data errors, in addition to developing the interface, we expect you to be aware of handling exceptions, and dynamically adjust job priorities to meet the needs of other partners.

▋ Work Model

  • Not required to clock in or out for work.
  • Flexible working hours are typically permitted in most situations.
  • If there are any specific time constraints for certain tasks, we will inform you in advance and seek your opinion before making any decisions

▋ Others

We look forward to discussing your compensation package with you based on your skills and your preferences. If your skills exceed what we mention in this job description, we are glad to offer you a better position and reassess your package accordingly. Therefore, if you have any skills beyond what we mentioned here, please list them on your resume as well. We are excited to see your talent and the following potential impact!

▋ Minimum Qualifications :

  • Web UI Design (Basic)
  • Web Development (including JavaScript) (Medium)
  • Python Programming (Basic)
  • Computer Network Knowledge (Medium)
  • Linux (Basic)
  • Frontend Development Experience (At Least 1 Project)

*Please provide the open source code or display link on your resume. If it is inconvenient to provide the source code or display, please provide a screenshot or a more detailed description.

▋ Preferred Qualifications:

  • Git (Basic)
  • Database (Basic)
  • Data Analysis (Basic)

* If you have any other relevant skills not listed above, please include them in your resume and indicate your level of proficiency.

Sudo Research Lab.

SuDo Research Labs(蘇度科技有限公司)源於一群區塊鏈(Blockchain)研究室成員在 2017 年創設的 SuDo Research,成員群共同研發之低風險(市場中性)量化交易策略已取得卓越的成果 交易績效名列世界主流之加密貨幣交易所 Top 25 ( )。

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