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1m+ TWD Annually

Required skills
  • java
  • ,
  • spring
  • ,
  • OOP
  • ,

Job description


1. Design and implement backend service systems for Web3 products such as Crypto wallet, DeFi services, Metaverse, etc.
2. Integrate the system with 3rd-party services to speed up the development process.
3. Customize the system to fit each country's legal and compliance requirements.
4. Capable of working independently on projects by analyzing, designing, developing and maintaining the systems.

1. 3+ years of professional experience designing and developing scalable web services with high availability.
2. A solid foundation of either backend language and framework: Java / Spring Boot is preferred.
3. Basic knowledge of API authentication protocol and methods, eg. OAuth, JWT, JWS, etc.
4. Basic knowledge of the transactional system, preferably in domains such as payment or e-commerce.

1. Engaged in a start-up company or a side hustle before.
2. Familiar with financial products including stocks, futures, options and so on.
3. Experience in the blockchain field, eg. trading bitcoin, using DeFi, running a node even building systems about blockchain.
4. Experience in cryptocurrency systems, especially in the wallet or trading domain.

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JKOPAY 街口電子支付股份有限公司

900k+ TWD Annually

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  • MySQL
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  • MS SQL
  • ,
  • Tableau
  • ,
  • Power BI
  • ,
  • DBA