Modem Design Engineer, Modem 設計工程師 - Tensorcom|


30k - 100k TWD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Tensorcom, a pioneer in developing innovative semiconductors for high-speed millimeter wave, ultra-low power, wireless communication chipsets, is looking for a candidate who is interested in working on complex ASIC designs for our next generation 60GHz, IEEE 802.11ad/WiGig compliant SoCs with specific emphasis on developing RTL code for the digital baseband module. The candidate will participate in a range of ASIC development activities such as defining the digital modem architecture, the evaluation of competing efficient, compact signal processing algorithms, the development of RTL code, the taping-out of the chip, and the evaluation of the chip’s performance.


    In addition to excellent technical skills, good English communication skills are required.



    The interested candidate will be responsible for:

    • Defining the micro-architecture of IEEE 802.11ad compliant Wireless Modem’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) blocks.

    ·        Developing and verifying the Register-Transfer-Level (RTL) code using Verilog / System Verilog

    ·        Performing block level verification against a cycle-accurate, finite precision, behavioral model

    ·        Performing block level static timing and power estimation/analysis/optimization

    ·        Evaluating the digital modem’s performance using an FPGA platform

    ·        Creating detailed documentation.



    The interested candidate shall have demonstrable experience and/or knowledge in:

    ·       ASIC flow activities such as:

    o   Using front-end ASIC tools to perform simulations, CDC, synthesis, static timing, and power analysis

    o   Using Verilog and/or System Verilog proficiently

    ·       Modem development activities such as:

    o   Implementing DSP blocks such as digital filters, time or frequency domain equalizers, channel encoder/decoders and/or signal acquisition

    o   Understanding the general concepts of communications and information theory

    o   Being familiar with general forms of signal impairments within a wireless channel

    ·       Verification activities such as:

    o   Developing a test bench and test cases

    o   Emulating an ASIC on an FPGA development platform

    ·       SoC system architecture and common interfaces


    Previous work experience with high-speed Wireless Modems is desirable


    ■ BS   ■ MS

    Electrical or Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, or similar applicable technical degrees.


    5+ years


    Tensorcom is a leading provider of ultra-low power WiGig/60GHz technologies for markets as diverse as 60GHz solutions to high-speed and low latency wireless applications.

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