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30k - 100k TWD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Tensorcom, a pioneer in developing innovative semiconductors for high-speed millimeter wave, ultra-low power,  wireless communication chipsets, is looking for a candidate who is interested in analog circuit layout for our next generation 60GHz, IEEE 802.11ad/ay compliant SoCs.


    In addition to excellent technical skills, good English communication skills are required.


    The interested candidate will be responsible for:

    ·        Setting up the LVS, DRC, ERC environments and debugging verification issues using the Cadence tool suite

    ·        Collaborating with an interdisciplinary functional team to define and develop the design flow, optimization of the silicon floor plan, and bump and package pinouts.

    ·        Setting up design rules and implementing in-house packaging layout to meet product requirements.

    ·        Optimizing package design to maintain signal and power integrity

    ·         Paying attention to lay out details and providing documentation


    The interested candidate shall have demonstrable experience and/or knowledge in:

    ·        The proficient use of the IC5 & 6.x Cadence Virtuoso tool suite

    ·        Layout techniques for device matching, parasitic minimization, RF shielding, and high frequency routing

    ·        The fundamentals of RC delay, EMI, and Crosstalk

    ·        IC packaging structures, chip-packaging, and package-board interactions.

    ·        The details of the semiconductor process and device physics

    ·        Laying out high speed I/O interfaces such as PCIe3.x, USB3.x, and GigE.

    ■ BS /  ■ MS

    Electrical or Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, or similar applicable technical degrees.


    5+ / 3+ years


    Tensorcom is a leading provider of ultra-low power WiGig/60GHz technologies for markets as diverse as 60GHz solutions to high-speed and low latency wireless applications.

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