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130k+ TWD Monthly

Required skills
  • Golang
  • ,
  • python
  • ,
  • RESTful APIs
  • ,
  • DevOps

Job description

-This is a hybrid position, not a 100% remote one-

1. Build and develop Customer Data Platform on GCP which is an enterprise-level product including big data pipeline, data governance and machine learning system.
2. Lead software engineering including architecture design, database design, infrastructure selection and programming language selection.
3. Deep dive into business and product requirements and be able to balance among features, costs, engineering quality.
4. Participate in activities related to build and maintain the product such as system design, development, design reviews, code reviews, troubleshooting, etc.
5. Coach and mentor team members from various functional backgrounds such as backend, web etc.

1. Familiar with at least one cloud platform such as GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.
2. Familiar with at least one programming language such as Golang, Python, etc.
3. Expertising in the software development lifecycle process, including analysis and design, APIs, development tools and technologies, release and version control, contemporary testing methodologies, and deployment management.
4. Strong understanding of database design, RESTful API design, distributed systems, integrations, microservices, and DevOps.

1. Experience in big data products such as customer data platforms.
2. Experience in both GCP and AWS.
3. Familiar with Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus.
4. Experience in building, improving and involving in processes of the organization such as hiring, onboarding etc.
5. Experience as a tech lead, architect or equivalent.

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愛卡拉 iKala

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