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3K - 4K SGD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Job description & requirements

    Our people is as important as our clients.

    Here at Converzion, you will understand and experience firsthand what it takes to succeed in a constantly evolving and demanding marketing landscape.

    The key people who thrive are the ones who have adaptability, communicate clearly and most importantly, they get things done.

    We are not looking for the next Sergei Brin or Satoshi Nakamoto. And we don’t expect you to be.

    How do we see our next team member?

    •  We all recognise the fact that we are constantly learning and we work to be better for each other.
    • Able to define your goals and know how to reach them
    • Able to not only learn but impart skills and values to the team

    What type of qualities will succeed?

    • You need to have experience in GTM. Our campaigns depend on you.
    • You know the value of a best practice data layer and how technical audits and implementation are crucial to measurement success
    • Our client and campaign people would like you a lot if you are able to share and present your hypothesis and insights
    • They would love you even more if you know how to visualise the above in a simple yet effective manner
    • You have the desire go go beyond your current skill set and comfort zone.
    • You don’t take yourself too seriously and know when to have fun and when to focus on work.

    What will you learn?

    • First hand experience on understanding and building how our entire digital ecosystem.
    • Plenty of opportunities to go beyond (literally and figuratively) , such as being involved in building digital products, sharing insights to new and existing clients or growing our digital presence across Asia, or being involved in launching in new countries..just to name a few.
    • Communication is key to life and growth.

    Are you one of them?

    If so, we would love to know more about you!


    About Us:

    Our mission is to activate the potential in our clients’ business by ensuring the right technologies are implemented to proven best practice standards, insights are actioned, measured and optimised and that your people are exposed to knowledge and instilled with the confidence to continually improve.

    What we do:

    Converzion combines the best consulting and performance media and marketing execution capabilities in market to deliver human centred data-driven solutions that identify and meet the objectives of your business. We partner with the world's leading technology providers and audience owners, have an agile approach to client interaction and firmly believe that quality and transparency are the key to success.

    About our people:

    Team Converzion is all about good people coming together and developing relationships based upon trust, respect, intellect and creativity. You will be autonomous at the core, detail orientated and highly motivated. We thrive upon sharing knowledge and encouraging other team members where required. We are looking for the next person that we are all going to be spending a lot of waking hours with.


    What’s it like working at Converzion?

    Converzion is an agile team of dedicated digital professionals. We work in an informal organizational structure, where processes and procedures gives way for ideas, productivity and efficiency. As part of our team you'll be an integral part of the expansion that we are currently seeing, and will have the opportunity to shape the culture and direction of a data performance business with drive, passion and integrity.