Senior Full-stack Developer (JavaScript) - CreditDigital|


40K - 50K EUR Annually

Required skills

    Job description

    MyTradeLoan is a soon to launch point of sale loan platform (Web and App) for home improvement and trade firms, allowing them to offer a variety of repayment options to their customers.

    We partner with leading banks and lenders to offer our customers the greatest choice and best rates for their product purchase, with loans (0% Interest and Interest Bearing) of up to £30k instantly.

    We are well-funded by and our entrepreneurial management team has previously exited a number of companies- totaling over £60mil.

    This is a great opportunity to join the business at a time when you can really make the role your own and influence the technical direction of the business in a large, untapped market (both UK and EU).

    We are looking for an enthusiastic, Senior Full Stack Java Script Engineer who will lead in building, scaling and managing the development of our core products: App and Web Site.

    You won't merely be handed specs: you'll be in charge of taking ideas from the whiteboard all the way through to them being live, tracking the results, and iterating to make them better. For this reason, this role is only suitable for someone who likes being closely involved in product — what to build and how it will work, as much as the technical implementation itself.

    This role is especially suited to someone who wants to be part of the founding team and influence the direction of the company.

    Our current stack

    • Front End - Fully responsive web based system using HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery
    • Mobile - Phone: Swift (IOS), Phone: Android (Java & XML)
    • Backend Technology - Java Script
    • Recommended Staging Server - Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 14.04 image), Memory: 2 GB, Disk Space: 40 GB, Firewall, Anti-DDOS, Anti-Malware, Anti-BruteForce
    • Recommended Production Server - Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 14.04 image), Memory: 4 GB, Disk Space: 80 GB, Firewall, Anti-DDOS, Anti-Malware, Anti-BruteForce
    • Database - MYSQL data structure with Amazon S3 for file and document storage
    • Email Service - Mailchimp, Mandrill
    • APIs - Json-based APIs written in Ruby
    • Analytics - Basic Google Analytics for Web App , No Basic Analytics in Mobile App

    Main requirements

    You will be expected to help in the preparation of presentations to the Board and lend a hand when needed to customer queries. We are a Start-up after all.

    You will have responsibility for all technical aspects and technological resources of the business including budget control and the recruitment of additional development personnel, whom you will lead.

    Previous Fintech experience is not essential but hugely helpful providing you can demonstrate why this is the best next step for you.

    We are looking for a self-starter with a go-to attitude and plenty of initiative, an excellent communicator, including a proven ability to explain complex technical concepts clearly and concisely to non-technical people. Excellent problem-solving abilities are also important in the role.

    We place a high value on learning and personal growth, so you’ll have time to learn new technologies in work time and attend conferences at the company’s expense. Remote work is available but every few months we will require you to travel to HQ to spend time with the team for a few days (at the company’s expense).

    Again, this is a hands-on role and you will be leading and managing the company’s technological vision, strategy and development.


    • Full stack web/mobile application development
    • E-commerce platform plugins eg Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce
    • Integration into numerous banks and lenders
    • Development of our API
    • Build, deploy, maintain and support our product suite
    • Build report interfaces and data feeds