Front-end Engineer - Vinterior|


35K - 55K EUR Annually

Required skills

    Job description

    You’ll be working with the Product Team; currently a small but hungry team of 4. We’re a well balanced group of junior and senior engineers. We’re proud of our pair programming culture and enjoy the benefits of this in terms of both personal growth and shipping high quality code. How do we work? As a team, we run fortnightly sprints with daily standups. This is a new habit for the team and we’re enjoying the process of improving ourselves as a “product” while we improve the actual product. We’re ship-a-holics too and love to see our work go live. We follow the [Boulders and Pebbles methodology]( We think it’s a great approach to maintaining momentum and also preventing burnout. Problems we’re solving…

    With big ambitions come big problems. Here are some of the biggest challenges we face…

    * Scaling our product pipeline

    We list 500 new products a day and aim to grow this number to over 1 million. We will need admin tools that can quickly and accurately list products using the expanse of historical data we’ve collected (machine learning). Customer facing, how do we ensure our merchandising is relevant and personal to the user and their current needs?

    * Building a highly connected network of furniture delivery experts

    We move delicate, heavy and non-standardized products around the World. Our customers demand timely communication about the process and returns should be equally as painless. How do we make the experience of getting a sofa delivered as seamless as purchasing a book on Amazon Prime?

    * Help our sellers to grow

    Our sellers range from single person businesses to bigger and better resourced organisations. Our aim is to get products in front of the right audience at the right time whilst maximising the business opportunity. Would a dynamic bidding platform solve this problem?

    * Digitalizing the furniture buying experience

    We want to recreate the real-life experience of buying furniture. We want to do this by giving consumers the opportunity to “touch” the products they’re interested in, visualise the item in their own homes (augmented reality) and to ask questions and interact with the sellers (chatbots).

    * What does our Stack look like?

    Our current setup is a Rails application hosted on Heroku. We’ve rolled our own e-commerce system and our seller tools are within that same system too. Our frontend uses React to power aspects of the customer experience. For that we use modern JS tooling such as: Webpack and Yarn.

    Main requirements

    • You should have a minimum of 2 years experience building production-ready applications. This means you can write readable, maintainable, extendible and well tested code.
    • Ideally, you’re used to working in an agile environment; you can estimate work and help others to do the same.
    • You should be a World class communicator. You can clearly explain your decision making to a technical and non-technical audience. Our junior engineers are eager to learn and appreciate clear, concise recommendations on how to approach a problem too.
    • When it comes to shipping, our approach is: release early, release often. We’re a speedboat, not an oil tanker. We value breaking down work into small tasks that are simple to test and take less than a couple of days to complete. This allows us to analyse user data and adjust our course accordingly.

    Nice to have

    • We would consider it a bonus if you have worked in a startup before. At this early stage, we all wear multiple hats and would expect you to do the same.

    • In addition, if you have experience internationalising a product, have an eye for design and frontend execution or if you have experience scaling systems, these would also be valuable to us.


      If you have experience solving the problems we’ve described, or you think you have the engineering know-how that we’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    • Other things you should know about us…

    • We’re customer obsessed. We’re constantly asking ourselves if what we’re working on is solving a genuine problem. To build empathy, the Product team recently started their own Cinema Club dedicated to watching Hotjar videos (and eating popcorn).

    • “Feedback” is our middle name. We have company retros every two weeks. This session is for giving and receiving respectful and constructive feedback. This goes for everyone, no one is exempt. We’ll entice you in with cheese and biscuits though.

    • We’re big believers in empowerment. Nobody wants to be the bottleneck in a fast-growing startup. We think that by providing tools and solutions to our teams internally, they can achieve much more with fewer resources.

    • Personal development is important to us too. Our engineers spend time every Friday afternoon learning about whatever topic interests them in their role.

    • No recruitment consultants. Visa Sponsorship not available.