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3K - 5K SGD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Job description & requirements

    Engineers are an important part of our team. We are looking for a backend engineer with initiative to join our small but growing engineering team. Backend engineers will be in a position to work on small to large-scale systems that reach many people. As we’re building the team together, we’d have to help each other where we need and this gives you a chance to expand your coding knowledge with new technologies.

    At Made In Alpha, we work on a diverse range of client projects but we also do enjoy building our own side projects. As an engineer with us, you’ll get the chance to work on both client projects and internal projects. On top of that, we support ideas that come from our team. We have a board where our team can chuck ideas and periodically we visit the board and choose an idea to work on together. 


    • You have experience working in a team
    • You have experience building websites and web apps within an agile environment
    • You are very comfortable working with an organised git flow
    • You take pride in readable, well-designed, well-tested software
    • You worked with Ruby on Rails or something similar and have the will to learn a new stack
    • You’re comfortable building a custom CMS
    • You have experience with Javascript
    • Experience with web architecture at scale
    • You have experience with relational databases
    • You have experience with APIs
    • You have experience with deploying, hosting, securing, monitoring and scaling in the cloud 
    • You embrace feedback and look to improve processes and understanding
    • Excited about your hobbies outside of work and prefer to be productive so that you have time to grow in other areas of your life

    Nice to haves

    • Experience with designing or developing iOS apps
    • Experience with React or Vue.js
    • Comfortable with TDD environments (RSpec, Capybara etc)
    • Experience with containerised services (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Appreciation for design

    Please let us know if

    • You contribute to open source projects
    • You have experience building mobile apps
    • You have experience building a team
    • You have any personal projects or experimentations

    Benefits include

    • Flex time

    We don't track time for salaried employees, but we generally expect employees to put in an average of 40-50 hours per week, which is inclusive of an hour or so per day for lunch. Of course, when we're working on shipping something or have other deadlines, we may all need to push past 50 to get things done

    If you need to stay home for the cable guy, or run to the dentist or doctor, or pick your kid up from daycare because your wife / husband cannot do it that day, just talk to your manager.  This is usually never a problem.  Given that we have flex time, you are expected to make this time up at some point. 

    • Remote working

    We’re a remote-friendly working place but you’ll be required to be available and over-communicate on Slack (our team messaging platform)

    We require you to have a webcam and a working headset

    We expect you to have a peaceful, non disturbing environment where you can focus and produce your work remotely. Read coworking point below.

    • Paid leave

    Full time employees are entitled to 18 days of vacation a year

    You are responsible to make sure that your manager and your coworkers know about the vacation and that arrangements have been made to cover for you while you're away.

    In general, it is considered good practice to provide two days notice for each day of vacation. For example, if you're taking a two-week vacation, let us know a month in advance. For a one day vacation, two days notice is usually sufficient.

    Unused days can be carried over but we might chase you to get your much needed recharge

    • Parental leave

    We offer parental leave. Talk to us about it

    • Baby cash & presents

    This is the best thing you shipped out, let us surprise you with something!

    • Coworking stipend

    We offer coworking stipend. Talk to us about it

    • Education budget

    We believe in continuous learning and offer a budget for online courses and more. Talk to us about it

    • Company retreat

    We’re working towards a paid vacation for everyone

    • Office in central location

    We’re based centrally off Robinson Road in Singapore

    • Stocked up pantry with stocked up booze

    Let’s keep your energy levels up and decompress you when you need



    What’s it like working at Made In Alpha?

    At Made In Alpha, we are passionate, open, nurturing, adaptable and balanced.

    Benefits and perks of working with us include:

    Compensation: Bonuses, Competitive salaries
    Family benefits: Paid maternity / paternity leave
    Lifestyle: Casual dress code, Company outings, Flexible hours, Work-from-home
    Welfare: Vacation time

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