Senior DevOps Engineer - Mozat Pte Ltd|


4K - 6K SGD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Job description & requirements


    1.In charge of daily operations (network, service deployment and upgrade and maintenance) 2.Strong Responsibility, provide high availability, scalability and fault- Tolerance for our backend services. 3.Built the DP environment, coordinate with developers, improve the development and deployment process. 4.Troubleshooting and solve the problems with documentations and submit monthly report. 5.Monitor the backend services(network quality, API performance and system status) 6.Ensure the backend services have 24*7 continuous operational capability 7.Write automatic operation and maintenance scripts. 8.Have a good insight of the Java service optimisation, and find potential problems, and optimize them in advance.


    1.Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering or equivalent is required. 2.At least 4 years of operations experience and at least 2 years working experience is required. 3.Have experience using AWS, Alicloud or similar cloud services provider. 4.Good at Python, and bash programing, Django, MySQl experience is a plus 5.Familiar with Linux (Ubuntu) development environment, has good knowledge of network. 6.Familiar with Open source tools: Redis, Cassandra,MySQL,Kafka,RabbitMQ,Zookeeper,Nginx.etc 7.Has some knowledge in back-end structure, familiar with load balance tools such as Haproxy,Nginx,LVS,ELB.etc 8.Self-motivated, strong responsibility, good team player,and proactive.


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    "working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal."

    We believe Teamwork is the most effective way to create top quality products that users will love, while ensuring a strong, coherent and highly motivated team.

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    We believe Respect is vital in creating a positive atmosphere where people are treated well and able to grow in the way that they deserve.

    "something original that breaks into the market or society."

    We believe that to succeed in the mobile industry we need to actively encourage Innovation, in order to create new things that break the status quo and achieve the impossible.

    "a powerful or compelling emotion."

    We believe that our core values would be incomplete without Passion, a strong determination, love and dedication to Enrich Life through Mobile.

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