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4K - 6K SGD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Job description & requirements

    Job Responsibilities:

    1 Responsible for loops broadcast platform design, development, iteration, maintenance;

    2. Participate in project requirements analysis and detailed design of functional modules;

    3 Specific core module code implementation;


    Job requirements:

    1. Good code specification, willing to learn new technology, good self-learning ability, good teamwork spirit, good communication skills;

    2. Solid JAVA foundation, at least 3 years of Android development experience, at least developed a mature App;

    3. Can independently complete the development of Android App. Including: UI, screen adaptation, model compatibility, performance optimization, code reconstruction, architecture optimization;

    4. Familiar with wireless internet application development, have a deeper understanding of Socket communication, TCP/IP and HTTP;

    5. Live project experience, familiar with MVP, Hybird priority.



    What’s it like working at Mozat Pte Ltd?

    "working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal."

    We believe Teamwork is the most effective way to create top quality products that users will love, while ensuring a strong, coherent and highly motivated team.

    "admire deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements."

    We believe Respect is vital in creating a positive atmosphere where people are treated well and able to grow in the way that they deserve.

    "something original that breaks into the market or society."

    We believe that to succeed in the mobile industry we need to actively encourage Innovation, in order to create new things that break the status quo and achieve the impossible.

    "a powerful or compelling emotion."

    We believe that our core values would be incomplete without Passion, a strong determination, love and dedication to Enrich Life through Mobile.

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