Devops Engineer (中级发运维工程师) - Mozat Pte Ltd|


4K - 6K SGD Monthly

Required skills

    Job description

    Job description & requirements

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the configuration, deployment, monitoring, etc. of the cloud server, and continuously improve work efficiency through development tools;

    2. Responsible for monitoring system, and other O&M system development and maintenance

    Job Requirements:

    1  More than 3 years experience in operation and maintenance development;

    2  Skilled in the shell, python development, willing to work in the maintenance of devops, basic operation and maintenance work can be operated;

    3  Successful development experience in automated operation and maintenance and operation and maintenance of platforms;

    4  Familiar with AWS, Tencent cloud, the use of Ali cloud;

    5  Excellent problem solving, system troubleshooting and debugging skills;

    6  Have a good teamwork spirit, courage to accept the challenge and be able to withstand the pressure, can take the initiative to share with the team, and actively improve their influence in the team;

    7  It is preferred to have experience in the operation and maintenance of large-scale Internet companies;

    8 JAVA, C + + programming capabilities are preferred;



    What’s it like working at Mozat Pte Ltd?

    "working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal."

    We believe Teamwork is the most effective way to create top quality products that users will love, while ensuring a strong, coherent and highly motivated team.

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