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5.5K - 6.5K SGD Monthly

Required skills
  • Product Marketing
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  • Marketing Strategy

Job description

Job description & requirements

We are looking for a VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy to manage and execute our marketing strategies and build our brand. As Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy, you will be integral to the execution of our ambitious goals. You will bring compelling, innovative ideas to promote our work and attract sponsors, students, partners, and top talent. You will drive the narrative internally and externally.

This position reports to the CEO and will include leading marketing, product sales, and communications. You will be responsible for creating a strong UpCode brand and presence across relevant marketing channels, planning and executing marketing campaigns for key programs and company initiatives, defining a market and cultivating student for UpCode courses. This strategic marketing leader will coach and develop, share market trends and forecasts, analyze UpCode's competitive market landscape, and serve as a thought leader as they ensure that UpCode's visibility grows.

– Marketing –

  • Build the brand: You will work with your team and CEO to formalize an UpCode brand that is tied to our current work and our long range strategic plan. You’ll build a brand guide and communicate it internally to the UpCode team, as well as ensure that it’s used to consistently guide our external marketing and communications.
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies: Create and lead creative and innovative marketing campaigns that best promote our brand and capabilities in order to generate new partnerships, sales, opportunities, and world class hires.
  • Create content: Build and lead a team of content creators that will work with executives, management, and engineers to create captivating media assets – photos, videos, animations, flight test live streams, and other types – that will be leveraged in marketing channels as well as social media, internal communications, and other forums. To support this goal, you’ll have unlimited access to some of the world’s most innovative and interesting programming coursework and technologies.

– Communications –

  • Create effective messaging and talking points: Develop effective messaging and talking points to strategically position UpCode's courses and initiatives in a competitive landscape. Internally provide talking points to our employees to help them effectively interact with recruits, sponsors, partners, and customers.
  • Build media relationships: Build relationships with strategic media outlets to effectively disseminate information and increase visibility of UpCode's activities.
  • Develop internal communication strategies: Develop effective internal communication methods to keep our work force informed and allow them to effectively interface with sponsors, customers, partners, and potential recruits.

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