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800k - 1.5m TWD Annually

Required skills
  • Python
  • ,
  • AWS
  • ,
  • Go
  • ,
  • ,
  • GCP
  • ,
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ,
  • Java

Job description

[Job Content]

Backend is the key component in product architectures. By using hybrid and responsive design, most UI are rendering from backend. Trend Micro Backend Software Engineers hold their professions on backend development, including system architecture, design, implementation, code review, and troubleshooting. Moreover, when delivering solutions, we focus on optimal system performance, better stability, and flexibility of scale out, thus skills about performance tuning, data compression, scheme design, and server development and architecture can equip us become backend experts. To hold better backend expertise, we take care network security by utilizing skills of network protocols, network packets, VPN proxy, and network data analysis to detect malware. To know users’ behaviors for system tracking and performance control like a DevOps role, we also analyze data by machine learning and deploy automation monitoring and testing tools. 

[Related Team/Project/Product]

● Consumer team (Home Network/IoT Security team, Web Service Engineering team)
● Commercial team (Deep Discovery team, Deep Security team, Foundation team, SaaS team)
● Core Tech team (Smart Protection Network team (SPN), File Reputation Service team (FRS), Email Reputation Service team (ERS), Web Reputation Service team (WRS))

[Job Skills]

1. Expert on backend development, implementation and architecture
2. Expert on performance tuning and backend troubleshooting
3. Familiar with operation systems of Linux, AWS, GCE (Google Cloud Engine), High Cloud for development and deployment
4. Familiar with network protocols
5. Familiar with Python/Shell Script or other backend language, like Node.JS or GO 

1. Experienced in maintaining robust and scalable production services
2. Experienced in network programming and application-layer network protocol
3. Experience in Docker, OpenStack, or SDN
4. Experience in Machine Learning or Deep Learning
5. Familiar with jQuery and other JavaScript framework


[趨勢科技企業版圖橫跨全球五大洲] 趨勢科技1988年成立於美國加州,總部位於日本東京,於1998年正式在日本東京證交所掛牌上市(股票代碼:4704)。自成立以來,趨勢科技以領導性的先進技術迅速在世界五大洲拓展版圖,目前全球營運據點遍及55個國家,共有7,000位員工。

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