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Reinvent the world with Blockchain and Cryptography

CryptoBLK 以區塊鏈技術為金融產業提供FinTech解決方案應用。我們的合作對象為各大國際銀行如匯豐、渣打及中國信託等,以及泰國央行 (Bank of Thailand)、香港金管局(HKMA)與香港保險業聯會;專案也橫跨 Trade Finance、Motor Insurance、CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) 等範疇。

Reinvent the world with Blockchain and Cryptography

Founded in 2017, CryptoBLK is a Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution provider. It has the complete set of DLT software development, deployment and operation capabilities, and is specialized in building enterprise grade DLT systems and applications, especially in trade finance, supply chain and logistics, InsurTech (Insurance Technology), Central Bank-issued Digital Currency (CBDC), payment and settlement (e.g. Delivery-vs-Payment, bond repo) and crypto-tokens or tokenization for the transformation to digital assets. 

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We deliver quality DLT solutions

Whether you are looking for turn-key DLT solutions in trade finance, supply chain, property assets, mortgage, IoT, or cryptocurrencies, or you are looking for developing a tailor-made DLT application, our team is here to help. The CryptoBLK team has successfully built, delivered, and deployed multiple DLT solutions and systems for various financial services domains, spanning from prototypes for facilitating proof-of-concept trials and pilot runs, to full-fledged live production DLT systems. Our extensive track record in delivering secure, sustainable, and comprehensive DLT systems enables digital transformation, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency for businesses and industries.

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