We endeavour to provide our clients with optimal solutions by looking for innovation in platform and product development

We provide bespoke software as a service (SAAS) and management of information systems (MIS) to the standard of our client’s needs. We manage client’s application access, security, availability and general performance. The main characteristics of this service are the multi-tenant structure allowing for all users to share a single infrastructure, customizability allowing clients to tweak applications to their specific needs and easy access with the accessibility through any networked device. All of our systems and software have been developed with regulation in mind. Thus we are engaging with BMM, a leading industry testing and compliance house, to ensure our software and system is fully compliant for licensing in all major hubs. Royce Tech Limited is a vision created by our CEO Richard Hogg who having worked in Hong Kong for 7 years and been involved in Malta since 2007 in various guises, including gaming, tech and charity work, saw an opportunity to bring skill sets together. Projects have ranged from private investment to taking companies to listed status on various markets across UK and Australasia. Asian entities need to have access to good tech services outside of Asia and in Europe due to not only different time zones and localisation requirements, but due to different methodologies. Bringing them to Europe helps bridge culture gaps where Royce Tech can learn and educate one another. Royce Tech has been fortunate to have contacts in Asia who recognise the opportunity and thus have secured a number of clients already who recognise the value in what we are able to deliver.




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