DevOps Engineer | 系統工程師 - Nexio Technology Limited|


50k - 95k TWD Monthly

  • CentOS
  • ,
  • Shell scripting/Python
  • ,
  • Docker (Kubernetes)
  • ,
  • Kafka
  • ,
  • ELK
  • ,
  • Ansible
  • ,
  • Jenkins
  • ,
  • Zookeeper


  • Understand the requirements of project implementation to deliver CI/CD environment to meet development needs. 
  • Optimize deployment flow to increase automation efficiency and correctness. 
  • Enhance monitoring and alert system from current infrastructure by building additional baseline measurement from current log index. 
  • Implement automation tools to enhance the productivity of systems team and keep latest configuration and script in the git repo.


  •  Use automation framework to apply in enterprise environment, such as Ansible, Puppet.
  •  Integrate monitoring and alert system to easily capture system/application abnormal behavior. 
  • Working experience to setup container or provision environment to support CI/CD, such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes. 
  • Able to write shell script to automate routine tasks. 


  • CentOS / Linux 
  • Shell scripting / python 
  • Setup / configuration of Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, ELK, Zookeeper, Ansible, etc 
  • Linux trouble shooting tools and commands 


  •  Web Service: Nginx, Apache, Tomcat. 
  • Database (know to use): MySQL, PostgreSQL. 
  • Cache & Queue: Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB. 
  • Python Framework: Django, Flask. - Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, Ali. 
  • Network architecture & device: Load Balance, Firewall, Route, Switch. 
  • Monitor tools: Prometheus, Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti. 
  • Understand how CDN, DNS, letsencrypt(SSL) work.

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