Presale & Project Delivery Manager - Wiz Holdings Pte Ltd|


4.5k - 5.5k SGD Monthly

  • project management


Job Description

  1. Presales: design and deliver solutions for the large enterprise customers in the financial, medical and other industries, by combining company's AI Talkbot product capability and customer's business needs in specific scenarios; and show the value points of solutions to get customer's recognition;
  2. Presales: define product and service scope: to clarify the scope boundary for the solution integration, customized development and services, and define the boundary between the company's products and customer's systems;
  3. Delivery Project Management: As the project leader, responsible for the project management of the delivery or on-site integration projects. The related tasks include: the requirement communication & decision, project planning, coordination of various teams, project progress promotion, team leadership, risk management and control until the final delivery;
  4. Establish good customer relationships, ensure customer satisfaction, discover new requirements and business opportunities.

Qualifications and Skills Requirement

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, more than 2 years of project manager or solution related work experience, computer related major is preferred, software project management experience is preferred;
  2. Strong sense of creating value for customers, excellent systematic and logical thinking ability, can quickly learn to understand the product and the customer's original business system, excellent solution design, writing, presentation and communication skills;
  3. Excellent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and communication skills in Chinese is preferred;
  4. Ability to communicate and coordinate with customers, partners and internal cross-departments;
  5. Self-driven and able to adapt to the rapid development of the company;
  6. Adapt to cross-regional work, hoping to increase overseas work experience.

Wiz Holdings Pte Ltd

WIZ is a fast-growing startup deploying cutting edge conversational voice AI technology into large corporations throughout Southeast Asia.