Senior Devops (Site Reliability Engineer, SRE) - BitoEX (幣託)|


75k - 150k TWD Monthly

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  • CI/CD
  • ,
  • AWS
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  • ELK


◆Ability to use configuration management tools and revision control system (e.g., Git)
◆Experience with CI/CD & Automation systems (e.g., Jenkins)
◆Experience with AWS Core Services: EC2 / ELB / S3 / CloudFront/ IAM/ VPC, AWS SDK and CLI
◆Build & operation container based platform with Nomad / Consul / Kubernetes.
◆Experience with monitoring, alerting, and log pipeline analysis tools (Graylog2, ELK, Prometheus, etc.)

◆The successful candidate will be a self-driven Senior DevOps Engineer with proven experience in large-scale microservice systems hosted on AWS
◆The candidate will have a deep understanding of cloud architecture, AWS technologies, and cloud security best practices
◆The candidate will be following the latest industry trends and be passionate about cloud computing for large-scale systems

BitoEX (幣託)

幣託(BitoEX)正在打造一支超強隊伍,徵求高手一起打國際仗 !