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75.5k - 84k TWD Monthly




    Oursky is a software product studio with offices in Hong Kong, London and Taipei. A diverse and socially progressive team of experts working remotely from different locations. We are a technology-oriented and developer-driven team and values craftsmanship.

    Our mission is to create open-source solutions to help enterprises in digital transformation and support developers in building secure and privacy-aware software.

    We are self-funded, ensuring our engineering culture and excellence are built into our digital products.

    Products & Services

    • FormX extracts structured key information from documents (scanned or captured by mobile phone). Users can train a new model by uploading and labelling samples or use FormX API quickly with our pre-trained models on receipts, invoices, IDs/passports, etc.
    • Authgear is a plug-and-play open-sources auth for consumer apps to grow, developer-friendly with opinionated defaults. It helps businesses to improve user experience and signup conversions, security of their users, and unify auth experience across multiple platforms with simple integration.
    • Professional Services: We build digital products with great user experience for clients all over the world. We provide UI/UX design, software development, machine learning, QA, and product management consultancy for clients that range from rockstar startups to multinationals like Google, Milwaukee, Standard Chartered Bank, and HSBC.

    Engineering Culture

    We have a strong engineering culture. We use the latest programming languages (most of our codes are in Python, Go and Typescript, but we also use Haskell, Rust, and other new languages experimentally), maintain a high standard of code review, and adopt streamlined internal tools for DevOps and continuous integration (CI).


    Oursky is an engineering-driven company and we want to build the most beautiful, usable and technically interesting software. Software Project Executives are "trainee" and assist Project Managers to understand clients' business and processes so that they can provide professional product management advice and create specifications of the software product, and work with the team to deliver results.

    This is a perfect position for you if you love taking responsibility, love great product design and technology, are analytical and enjoy producing great products.

    Read more about Oursky at the Careers @ Oursky.


    You will learn the following in this position in 3 - 5 years time:

    • Learn how to “own” a digital product (web/mobile), work with a team of professionals to make it happen.
    • Learn product and UX design concepts and maintain the quality of products.
    • Learn how to analyze business requirements, write user stories and use proper product management tools.
    • Learn how to communicate with clients, different stakeholders, users, and the SCRUM team effectively.
    • Learn basic data analytic skills for product design such as A/B testing, stats tracking, funnel analysis.


    • You have 1 - 3 years of coding experience;
    • You love web and mobile app software products;
    • You are talkative and good at communications;
    • You are self-motivated and take the responsibility seriously;
    • You are result-oriented and have an eye for details;
    • You are fluent in both written and spoken English;
    • If you have experienced a full development cycle from initial planning to release, that’s a HUGE PLUS!

    What We Offer

    • Flexible work location
    • Profit-sharing plan for staff joining 2+ years
    • Opportunity for professional growth
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • Startup Culture

    Oursky Limited

    Oursky is a technology-oriented and developer-driven team who values craftsmanship.


    Management Trainee / Executive Assistant

    Oursky Limited

    60k - 96k TWD Monthly

    • 推薦感謝金
    • presentation skills
    • ,
    • presentation and communication skills
    • ,
    • project management

    Web / Mobile App Developer 軟體工程師

    Oursky Limited

    75.5k - 96.5k TWD Monthly

    • 推薦感謝金

    Software Business Development

    Oursky Limited

    78k - 180k TWD Monthly

    • 推薦感謝金
    • business development
    • ,
    • key account management