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100k+ TWD Monthly

  • Python
  • ,
  • C++
  • ,
  • R
  • ,
  • Java
  • ,
  • program trading
  • ,
  • machine learning
  • ,
  • financial models



  • Design and execute trading and risk-management/hedging strategies of DeFi products
  • Collaborate with blockchain engineers to deploy & back-test trading models
  • Evaluate machine learning and statistical models on DeFi trading applications
  • Design appropriate metrics to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the trading models

  • 設計並執行 DeFi 金融商品交易與避險策略
  • 和區塊鏈工程師緊密合作,部署/回測交易模型
  • 評估機器學習和統計模型在 DeFi 交易上的應用
  • 設計適合的量測指標, 監控模型的交易成效


  • 2+ years of relevant experience
  • Degree in relevant fields, including: computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, and other majors with data processing and modeling needs
  • Fundamental understanding in machine learning and statistics
  • Experience with real-world data and applications in machine learning
  • Ability to independently solve technical problems as well as collaborate on system architecture as a team
  • Self-motivated, takes ownership of products/projects, and able to multi-task in a startup environment
  • Drive for continuous product improvement and self-growth
  • Understanding of the operations of decentralized/centralized exchanges a plus
  • Experience with trading on DeFi and trading cryptocurrencies a plus
  • Passion for DeFi and program trading

  • 兩年以上相關工作經驗
  • 畢業自相關領域,包含資訊工程, 數學, 統計, 物理或其他需要處理數據模型的相關科系
  • 對機器學習/機率統計領域有一定程度的了解
  • 有實際經驗應用機器學習/機器學習在真實世界的數據上
  • 能自主解決技術問題,也能和團隊討論架構
  • 能適應新創的步調和變化並樂於持續精進程式效能和自身的技術能力
  • 熟悉去中心化/中心化交易所的運作模式加分
  • 實際操盤去中心化及虛擬貨幣的交易經驗加分
  • 對 DeFi 世界與程式交易充滿熱情


  • Linux OS
  • Git version management system
  • Proficient to expert level understanding of at least one programming language in: Python, C++, R, Java 

  • 熟悉Linux系統
  • 瞭解Git版本控制系統
  • 熟悉以下至少一種語言: Python, C++, R, Java

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