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    • 此職缺為 Speed Interview Summer 2022 之自由交流職缺,若您想要的職缺不在平台上,可以透過此職缺投遞履歷,得到HR認可後有機會獲邀面試。(企業保留是否邀約之決定權)
    • 若對此企業有興趣,請按【應徵】以投遞履歷
    • 想瞭解此企業的具體職缺,請按這個連結
    • 更多其他企業自由交流的連結,請按這個連結

    • By submitting your application here, you get a chance to be interviewed by the employer, teamLab, of Speed Interview Summer 2022 directly. (Employer has the right to decide whether to invite the candidates or not.) 

    • Please note:

      Be sure to make yourself readily available on June 25  (Sat) for interview arrangements. You’ll be notified by us of your interview schedule no later than June 23, and we’ll make sure you have received said notification.

      You’re advised to mention the type of job you’re looking for when submitting your application, e.g. web developer, PM, and digital marketing. By doing so, your CV may be viewed sooner by the participating employers.

      Please understand that Meet.jobs would not be able to guarantee that you’ll definitely get an interview from each of these employers, but we’ll make sure they’ll view your application and relevant docs thoroughly and reply to you.

      You may also apply for a certain opening from the Speed Interview event page. If shortlisted during the CV screening process, candidates who have applied for certain positions (as opposed to this one) will be prioritized.

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