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95k - 140k USD Annually




    ZOE is a multidisciplinary start-up composed of world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers and designers that’s paving the way for personalised nutrition research. In collaboration with academic institutions, teaching hospitals and tech partners we have run the world’s largest personalised nutrition studies (the PREDICT Program) that have uncovered the varied factors determining how we uniquely respond to the food we eat. We are on a mission to improve health by harnessing individuals’ unique biology to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


    The ZOE nutritional product is now available to the public in the US and the UK. Launched two years ago, the product consists of an at-home test kit that empowers the user to understand their own body and eat for their biology. Users can discover their distinct responses to food based on blood sugar, blood fat and the gut microbiome and use this information to make choices about what to eat, but also how to eat it. Together with this product, ZOE continues running the PREDICT Program of research by teaming up with leading academic scientists and tech partners around the world to conduct nutrition research studies that form the basis of our nutritional understanding and product development.



    The Nutrition Science Team is a diverse one. Our members work across multiple disciplines to combine varied skill sets, materials and knowledge bases to answer scientific questions. We are able to work at pace while maintaining our agility to adapt to different timelines, requests from neighbouring teams and ideas from external collaborators. We are overall mission-driven, with a scientific focus and approach to delivering #MissionImproveHealth. We use both Product and academic channels to deliver on this mission; when working with Product we ask how our work can benefit the user; when working in an academic setting we additionally ask how our work can further the research field and let ZOE shine in the academic arena.



    The Team is looking for a ZOE-enthusiast. Through their many responsibilities, this new member will ensure scientific integrity and success at ZOE while delivering on #MissionImproveHealth. The Nutrition Scientist will report to the Nutrition Science Manager.




    To assist the Nutrition Science Team in the planning, coordination and running of scientific studies in collaboration with multiple teams, both at ZOE and with external research partners, with guidance from the Nutrition Research Manager.

    Ensure data collection of the highest quality and scientific rigour within operational constraints (timelines, resourcing, dependencies from collaborators).

    Utilise your team and the knowledge base available to you. Escalate queries that you are unsure of or unable to answer on your own.

    Help managers ensure that tasks and projects are aligned with ZOE such that they are of value (we are not in the business of writing papers for the sake of producing output); be open to adjusting direction to maximise this alignment.

    Examples of Specific Tasks


    Complete the day-to-day running of studies within the PREDICT Program

    Maintain the ZOE Nutrition Data Inventory. Use the multiple ZOE data platform tools (Data Inventory, Holistics etc.) to understand the type, nature and scientific quality of data available that makes up the ZOE scientific data bank. Call on this data in relevant contexts, e.g. in characterising our user base; introducing a covariate into an academic analysis; answering a new research question.

    Organise company-wide initiatives that benefit all ZOE members while increasing Nutrition Science Team visibility. This includes the ZOE Science Bulletin and Science updates at the all-hands.

    Contribute to academic output as appropriate with guidance from team managers that leads to successful science while developing your own skill-set and growth.

    Support Marketing and SEO through proofreading of new materials.

    Skillset and Approach: Essentials


    You have a breadth of nutritional background (qualified nutritionist or dietician with minimum of bachelor’s degree in the field from a AfN-accredited institution).

    You are objective and mission driven to ultimately deliver on #MissionImproveHealth.

    You are flexible. You follow objectives that strike a balance between product mission and scientific rigour.

    You are able to evaluate and critique from a scientific perspective, as well as from the participants’ or product users’ shoes; you are critical and challenge the status quo.

    You are creative and resourceful in your solutions to questions and problems. You make use of the varied knowledge base, skillsets and materials available to you.

    You maintain a growth mindset. You know where your own knowledge gaps, and that of ZOE, lie and actively seek to reduce them.

    You are agile in a rapidly changing environment. You are able to work fast while producing work to a high standard, and maintaining attention to detail.

    You excel both when working in a team and on your own. You have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

    Skillset and Approach: Desirable


    You bring your experience from: practising as a nutritionist/dietician or in a client-oriented setting, and producing academic output.

    Interested applicants should email the following to



    Cover letter, explaining why they deem themselves suitable for this position and their interest in the role,

    A brief statement confirming they are legally permitted to be in full-time employment in the UK or EU,

    When they hope to start the role and notice period with current employer.