Frontend Developer - Bahwan CyberTek 巴旺塞柏德克|


1m - 1.4m TWD Annually

  • JavaScript


At this role, you will develop the end to end solution. The main backend architecture solution will be AWS serverless architecture and the main frontend technology will be React.

Ability to write well-documented, clean JavaScript code.
Familiar with JavaScript (or TypeScript), including ES6+ syntax.
Strong experience with React workflows, hooks, and context.
Familiar with tailwind or bootstrap
Familiar with state management libraries (e.g.,Zustand, Jotai) is better.
Familiar with data fetching libraries like react-query, swr, RTK-query
Experience with API integration
2+ years experience in Frontend role
Good communication skills

[Nice to have]
Familiar with AWS Serverless Architecture EX: Lamda, API Gateway

Bahwan CyberTek 巴旺塞柏德克

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Sr. Technical Project Manager

Bahwan CyberTek 巴旺塞柏德克

1.2m - 1.8m TWD Annually

  • 推薦感謝金
  • Project manager

Sr. Backend Engineer

Bahwan CyberTek 巴旺塞柏德克

1.5m - 1.8m TWD Annually

  • 推薦感謝金
  • JavaScript
  • ,
  • NodeJS
  • ,
  • Python
  • ,
  • AWS
  • ,
  • Hadoop
  • ,
  • Hive Spark