Senior DevOps / SRE - Splashtop Inc.|


1m - 1.5m TWD Annually

Required skills
  • K8S
  • ,
  • EKS
  • ,
  • kubernetes
  • ,
  • Git
  • ,
  • Linux

Job description

We are looking for Senior (3+ years) engineers who have SMART, EASY-GOING, patience, and good TEAMWORK characteristics.


▲ About Splashtop:
Splashtop Inc. is a rising star in the remote access/remote support industry.

Our backend system is hosted on AWS, GCP, and OCI, it serves 500K+ active users and 2M+ online endpoints. The average API is around 2K+ QPS.

▲ You will be working on one or many of

  • Create and maintain new or existing production systems.
  • Learn and improve CI/CD flows.
  • Work with the R&D teams to improve development life cycles.
  • To survey, propose, and adopt new technologies or solutions to make life easier.

▲ Senior requirements

  • Of course, fulfill Junior’s requirements.
  • Expert in AWS cloud provider with medium or large scale infrastructure.
  • Familiar with open source solutions. (e.g., CNCF related, etc.)
  • We are hunger for expert in any one of:

      * Kubernetes & containers related. (e.g., On-primse Kubernetes, EKS, Thanos, Rancher, etc.)

      * Security enhancement to Kubernetes environment and CICD flow (aka DevSecOps).

      * IaC tools. (e.g., Terraform 1.0+, Helm 3.0+, etc.)

      * CI/CD flow with tools. (e.g., GitHub Actions, Argo related, Jenkins, Atlantis, etc.)

      * Deep insights monitoring solution. (e.g., Grafana, Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, Zabbix, etc.)

      * Log analyzer and consolidation in Kubernetes. (e.g., ELK, EFK, fluentbit/fluentd, APM solution, etc.)

      * Load Test and Performance Testing. (e.g., Grafana k6, etc.)

  • On duty weekly or bi-weekly with 12hrs (10:00~22:00 or 11:00~23:00 CST).

▲ Preferred experience  

  • Container optimization and security improvement.
  • Service mesh experience.
  • Kubernetes multi-cluster management.
  • GitLab/GitLab CI.
  • GCP/Azure/OCI.
  • IT experience.
  • Programming experience.

Splashtop Inc.

美商浪橋科技股份有限公司_Splashtop Inc. 於2006年成立於美國矽谷,在台灣、中國與日本設有分公司與研發團隊。核心團隊來自MIT,並且募集資金超過15億新台幣,投資股東有來自中美台各科技龍頭。我們的產品得到許多獎項並進入量產,擁有穩定的訂單及大量忠實的客戶。

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