Senior MySQL DBA 資深MySQL DBA工程師 - OpenNet Limited 開網有限公司|


700k - 1.5m TWD Annually



    Candidate Profile
    ● The successful candidate will be a self-driven Senior MySQL DBA with proven experience in large-scale systems
    ● The candidate will have a deep understanding of MySQL (major), Aurora RDS (minor),  Oracle (minor), and middleware technologies.
    ● The candidate will be following the latest industry trends and be passionate about database administration for large-scale systems

    Key Responsibilities
    ● Improve existing database infrastructure and processes in the 3 countries we’re currently deployed in as well as streamlining processes to hit our goal of deploying to 20 new countries over the next 2 years
    ● Holistically improve all aspects of our database infrastructure, including reducing costs, streamlining environment provisioning, lowering response times, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies, and more
    ● Monitor and maintain the existing database infrastructure via autoscaling, automated alerts and Zabbix dashboards
    ● Take ownership and responsibility for all of our database infrastructure
    ● Liaise with external security agencies for annual audits as well as perform our own internal security sweeps
    ● Aid in reconfiguring existing architecture and database structure to allow for rapid deployment to new countries

    Skills and Educational / Qualification Requirements
    ● Fluent in written and spoken English
    ● 3+ years of specific experience with MySQL administration for large-scale systems
    ● 5+ years of general experience in the tech industry
    ● Experience forming and leading teams are beneficial
    ● Experience configuring and managing database architecture, including load balancing, caching, disaster recovery, upgrading, migration, etc.
    ● Bachelor or Masters degree in a related subject would be beneficial

    Main Tech Stack
    ● Database Sharding Middleware: Lede Cetus
    ● Database: MySQL and Oracle
    ● Public Cache: AWS ElastiCache + Redis
    ● Data Index and Search: ElasticSearch

    Optional Teck Stack:
    ● Log Real-time Visualization: ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana
    ● Business Monitoring: Graphite + Grafana
    ● Server Virtualization Container: AWS EC2
    ● Server Operation System: CentOS
    ● Cluster Monitoring: Zabbix + AWS Cloudwatch

    Please attach your English CV in your application.

    Hiring process:

    1. Online test: 60 mins
    2. On-site interview: 60-90 mins
    3. Interview result within 24 hrs

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