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700k - 1.8m TWD Annually



    ▲ About Splashtop
    Splashtop is a SaaS company offering industry-leading remote access / support services, one-to-many video conferencing, and mobile mirroring apps. Our product range covers multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) and is highly regarded in the IT and education community (see: www.splashtop.com and www.mirroring360.com or look for Splashtop in App Store / Google Play).

    ▲ What will you do in this role?  

    • Implement and maintain web-based user interfaces, browser extension.
    • Collaborate with multiple development teams to create easy to use applications.
    • Stay on top of web technologies and provide technical leadership.
    • Promote best practices within the team and organization.

    ▲ Requirements:

    • Minimum of 3 years of experience in web development related work. 
    • Strong JavaScript, HTML, and CSS coding capabilities.
    • Ability to optimize web interfaces for performance without sacrificing usability.
    • Familiar with at least one JavaScript framework/libraries such as React/Redux, AngularJS, Vue, etc.
    • Familiar with building web applications with Java, Go, NodeJS or Python.
    • Ability to build user interfaces using modern web standards.
    • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

    ▲ Desirable:

    • Familiar with browser extension architecture for Safari, Chrome or working with low-level browser APIs (like Selection or document.execCommand).
    • Familiar with nodejs and its packaging technologies.
    • Experiences in building html based automation frameworks, web crawling and scraping technology e.g to generate xpath from web page automatically. 

    ▲ Educational:

    • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or similar degree.

    Splashtop Inc.

    美商浪橋科技股份有限公司_Splashtop Inc. 於2006年成立於美國矽谷,在台灣、中國與日本設有分公司與研發團隊。核心團隊來自MIT,並且募集資金超過15億新台幣,投資股東有來自中美台各科技龍頭。我們的產品得到許多獎項並進入量產,擁有穩定的訂單及大量忠實的客戶。


    Customer Support Specialist (EU region/Night shift)

    Splashtop Inc.

    700k+ TWD Annually

    • 推薦感謝金
    • english
    • ,
    • english writing

    IT Security Engineer - Networking

    Splashtop Inc.

    900k - 1.5m TWD Annually

    • 推薦感謝金
    • routing
    • ,
    • switching
    • ,
    • LAN
    • ,
    • WAN
    • ,
    • firewall
    • ,
    • VPN
    • ,
    • AAA
    • ,
    • IPSEC
    • ,
    • RADIUS

    Cybersecurity Engineer

    Splashtop Inc.

    1m+ TWD Annually

    • 推薦感謝金
    • burpsuite
    • ,
    • kali
    • ,
    • security testing
    • ,
    • pentest